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7 years ago

Wondered whether there is a way to get a multiple download function on my list...


Currently each article includes a pdf file which the user can download as a separate file via my list. It would however be great to have a checkbox that allows the user to download multiple files from several articles.


Is this possible to setup?


Your help would be greatly appreciated!!

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7 years ago
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Hello @Filip,

SEBLOD don't implement that yet.

If you know php and your server have the "Zip" functionnality, you can use the plugin field code "Afterstore" to create the functionnality.

For example, you can add an other "Upload_file" field in hidden position of your form. Then in after store code, you create the "big zip" and then you setup the upload_file with the  "big zip" file location.

then on content view you just have to display the "Big Zip" field.

Hope it will help you



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