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6 years ago

Hi folks

Here is an idea for the community:

There is a desire for an e-commerce solution to integrate with Seblod.

I have stumbled on to PAYAGE. It provides

  • API for generating payments,
  • Plugins for each Payment gateway ie PayPal, Stripe etc.

The Seblod community could collaborate and generate Seblod Payment Gateway plugins that take advantage of this.


Install the component (very lightweight and nicely commented)

Install any required payment Gateway plugin. 

Create Payment content type, add fields, make money  :)


Payment Plugins: These could be fields that the user would install and render on content views and list views.
Payment Object: Create a payment object and all relevant fields for #__payment, plus #__cck_store_item_payment, #__cck_store_form_paymentcontenttyype

A lot of you are professional web developers, this means you know your stuff, so what do you think?

Their site has great documentation:

User Guide

Developer Guide

They will also help out to a degree where they can (time is money after all), though not as a partner, more advisory.

So, all you wanting Seblod E-Commerce, here it (potentially) is

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5 years ago
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I keep checking back to see if Seblod includes an e-commerce hook? ... here I am again. 

Or is this something that only happens if you purchase programming time?

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