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Hi All!

Problem: when I click on the menu item "My Profile", I get the error: 404 - URL invalid

What I've done:

  1. Created the menu item "My profile" with the following settings:
  2. I also made the menu item "Partner" with the following settings:
  3. The "Partner" menu item is a menu item that leads to a list of all users ...

  4. In the "Users" settings, I made the following settings:
  5. In the Joomla! User Object Plug-in for SEBLOD plugin I made the following settings:
  6. In SEBLOD, these are the settings:
  7. In the "List & Search Type" in "Search Form", I did this:
  8. In the "List & Search Type" in "Item", I did this:
  9. In the custom template (seb_minima) in "users" -> mainbody.php I wrote the following code:

If on the site, click on the menu item "My Profile", then an error appears, described at the beginning of this post ...


  • what did I do wrong?

P. S.

    In the global settings of Joomla in the SEO settings I have these settings:

    Thank you in advance for the answers!

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I wonder what the result would be if you created and used a content type based on User object ?

I had (different) issues but resolved them by using new content type. 

 If use Article, or User content type then it is like using joomla only and may encounter issues.

That is how it seems to me

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Bucklash, thanks for the answer!

I have never done a user's personal account (especially so that it was for 2 types: an individual and for a company), so I don’t know how to do it right and what to do ... I do it using the "scientific spell" ...

I would be grateful if you tell me a sequence of actions ... Tell a manual, so to speak, about how to make a user's personal account ...

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