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I recently came across an issue on the site that I'm working on. I changed some user fields and added a few and it seemed to work fine. Only I start up my computer today to show my team mates the changes and I get the error: 

Call to undefined method CCK_DocumentHTML::setHtml5()

I looked up what was already said about this error on the site, and came across a post that said that i needed to update my plugins. I installed the upgrader but it says that no extentions need updating.

The problem persists in both the front- and backend. If you want to look at it yourself you could go to our site: vertrouwdhalal.nl and click on nog geen account? (which translates to make a new user).

Thank you in advance and sorry for the trouble.

Kind regards,

Max van Balen

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2 years ago
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Solved it by reinstalling the plug in

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