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Hi, I have installed GTranslate in my website. 

It translates all company names, addresses etc ... 

I would like to exclude the contents of certain fields by the translation. it's possible ? 

Thanks for your help, Louis

Salve, ho istallato gtranslate nel mio sito. Traduce tutto anche nomi di azienda, indirizzi etc... Desidererei escludere il contenuto di alcuni campi dalla traduzione. è possibile ? Grazie per il vostro aiuto, Louis

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this is not a questing for Seblod forums as it has nothing to do with seblod, it is about gtranslate.

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Hi Klas, many thanks for your reply and excuse me.   I know forum and my topic regards seblod fields. 

I sent this question because I have created a content with seblod.

I thought that sebloders could help me. Pratically, I wish know if there is a way to exclude a field about traslation. 

If you have any suggestion, many thanks, Louis 

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Hi, I find a solution for this problem.

In content type I go in typography and choose HTML, then + and insert this code: 

"<div> class="notraslate" <span> $cck->getValue('art_title')</span></div>

Field is not translate. I have solved.

I hope this solution is useful for others sebloders. 

Best regards, Louis

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Salve Luigi!
Credo che si tratta di un errore nel codice... class="notranslate" dovrebbe essere al' interno del uno dei due tag, div o span...

Ho provato è risulta che basta usare il "notranslate" (senza apoistofi) come il valore del' Markup Class

(vista [3] Forms & Content Types e Lists & Search Types).

Tanti saluti,


Hello Luigi!

It is enough to use "notranslate" (without quotes) as a value for Markup Class (view #3 in Forms & Content Type and List & Search Type).


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Hi webcastor, I solved already my problem, thanks again about your appreciate suggestions. Louis

Ciao Alex, sono contento di risentirti, ho comunque risolto il problema. Grazie. Luigi

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