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I whish I could have the orange pencil aside to each item in my seblod research list but how can it be done please?

With a classic joomla list the orange pencil is there butwhat if I want to have this editing icon in the seblod list



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7 years ago
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You can link the items in the search list to a frontend edit form.

In your conent type you need to have all the fields you want to edit in the tab "Site Form".

In your List&Search type you can make, for example the article title, link to the site form.

In the "Item" Tab click on the blue number 2 "Link + Markup".
In the dropdown next to article title field you can choose SEBLOD->Form.

This will link the article title to the frontend edit form (site form).

To get the orange pencil and link that to the edit form, you would have to do custom templating in a position override. 

7 years ago
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Hi Geeber

Yes, this is what we did actually but I was looking for a built in feature.

thanks a lot


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