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4 years ago

I am new to joomla and seblod, i am trying them out to build a website for a small business to manage its employees and sales. 

To give a general scope, I have a snowflake data model, with employees (and its type tables, ex: employee table has an employee type key from the employee type table). I went through the seblod documentation, and got the basic knowledge to create forms. However, I can't seem to grasp the idea of how to link the forms to the mysql tables, and how to make it use multiple tables per form.

For example, employees can have multiple phone numbers, so the data model has a many to many table with the employee id and the phone number. Also there is the sales fact table, which has to register a sale, which employee does it, which customers did it, and generate the invoice and payment plans. 

So, what am I missing to be able to do this? Are the concepts of traditional db and websites different to how to build them in seblod and joomla?

Also, how would I generate reports later on, like a report per salesperson to check his kpis, or is this beyond the scope of seblod and would need a different extension?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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4 years ago
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Hello aulait,

welcome on SEBLOD forum.

You have a manual using of the database, but SEBLOD don't work specifically like you want.

SEBLOD allow you to create differents content type based on the differents Joomla! objects :

  • Article
  • Category
  • Users
  • User Groups
  • User Notes
  • ..

So basically, each Joomla! native fields are stored in those tables.

After that, each new custom field that you can create with SEBLOD are stored in differents new tables. I advise you to have a look at the documentation on the storage.

The first thing to do with SEBLOD is to understand this storage, and then let SEBLOD managing the database itself.

Your other requests are more on an ecommerce and there is no public SEBLOD Ecommerce addon for the time, but be free to contact Octopoos



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