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Hi folks....

I have id's of 'DOCUMENT [CONTENT TYPE A]' stored in 'RECORD [CONTENT TYPE B]' using FIELDX. 
I also store a userid in 'RECORD'.
There will be many RECORD's for the same user.
I want to list the DOCUMENT's where the DOCUMENT ID is in the FIELDX entries for all the RECORD's of a user.

ie RECORD 1:
userid = 456
documents = ::fieldxsyntax::123::/fieldxsyntax<br />::fieldxsyntax::397::/fieldxsyntax etc

Any ideas, questions?

I think it would have to be a stand alone query....hmmm

Ideally I want to be able to filter the documents and order them etc

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FieldX/GroupX look good on the surface, but their storage makes them very limited, it would be very hard to do what you desire with it. You need separate document content type, then you could use select dynamic in multiple mode to relate record with documents. 

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Thanks Klas

My fears are confirmed :)

Will alter fields to multiselect

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My solution is:

Create custom table -> #__cck_map

This maps any relationships between contents.

I use logic to compare rendered (inital) value and stored values (final).

If initial values are not in final values then I delete from Map.

If final values are not in initial values then I add to Map.

Then in List and Search Types, I use a join form search content type on to Map.

And then from Map on to the content type I want the Map to be referencing

Pain in the butt, but is the good way.

After some googling, it is clear that you should not really put csv in to db field. 

Should have own entry in table, hence map

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