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6 years ago

Hi everyone

I'm looking after a site that has severeal catalogue style sub-pages. You can find it at www.ledglobaltec.ch

Under "Produkte", we use the search&list pack to display several lists. Each list has an image and a title linking it to the main article.

Now, when loading the overview page, quite often not all images are loaded/displayed. Does anyone have an idea why that is and a fix for it?
I tried using Joomla cache to reduce load size, but that breaks the searches...

any hint is appreciated!

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6 years ago
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Hello Michael_S,

you wrote "quite often not all images are loaded/displayed", so if it mean that sometime images are displayed and sometime not, the issue is more about the server, or on other fields around the image field.

It's something to debug with firebug.

Best regards.


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