7 years ago

Im using a purchased component called Item Rating to rate my items (https://www.joomunited.com/products/item-rating) I have been using this component for most of my other websites and its working fine. This item rating works with articles. 

But after the SEBLOD installation the component doesnt work. So i dont know how to get this fixed. I have talk to those developers and this is what their response. 

Can you please ask in seblod forum why it's not working.

Whatever code they suggest us we will integrate that code.

So has anyone have any idea why this is happening. does SEBLOD do any changes to com_content. 

Thank you

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7 years ago
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This is a commercial extension we have no experience with. As Seblod is a free extension I suggest they simply install it and check why it is not working.

7 years ago
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good point. I have already asked those developers to have a look. hopefully they can get it sorted. Thanks a lot

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