8 years ago


I have setup lists for custom content types in the admin through Seblod Admin Menu.

They used to work just fine.

After upgrade to Seblod 3.6.2 I get an error when I want to access those lists:

500 - JHtml: :formbehavior nicht unterstützt. Datei nicht gefunden. ( JHtml: :formbehavior not supported. File not found).

It seems like Mootools is not being loaded anymore for Seblod List&Search types. I am running Joomla 2.5.28. Upgrading to 3.x is not an option rigt now.

I tried adding "JHtml::_('behavior.framework');" to index.php of bluestork admin template. But it doesn't help.

How can I make my custom lists work again in the admin?

Thank you

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