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11 years ago

Thought this author makes an interesting comparison for CCKs for Joomla. See the Joomla CCK Comparison here.

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11 years ago
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I already read this article and found it, as always, a bit hollow.

Comparing softwares has always been a very tricky experiment since it is very time consuming to really get used to each contender.

At Pulsar Informatique we also ran series of tests in late 2011 before choosing Seblod. We tested K2, Cobalt, Flexicontent, Seblod and some others. We chose Seblod because we needed a native CCK that reduces the gap between Drupal and Joomla (and to some extend, even goes farther).

But I can't pretend I really tested all the CCKs in all their possibilities since it is very very time consumng since you need a REAL project to really know the CCK limits.

And after you made a choice it is very hard to deny all the investments and efforts you put in it. So any bench is somehow biased.

And I'm very dubious about a so called comparison that is only one page long.

Anyway it all depends on your goals, knowledge, team possibilities to choose a CCK.

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