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3 years ago
Hello SEBLOD Pros,

  1. I modified the default "user content type" to add new fields and to make private user profiles. I believe I modified the "admin form, site form, and the content" very carefully.
  2. Then I enabled the bridge in the "Joomla! User Object Plug-in for SEBLOD" plugin.
  3. Then created menu items for the "user profile" and the "registration form" in the global configuration.

Everything was almost working, except that when a user is logged on he can visit other user's profiles using the URL by changing the ID.

I want the user profile to be accessible by ONLY the user who have the profile (Private profiles basically).

In other means: A logged on user cannot edit other users profile using the URL, but he can view the profile of others, I want to give the (user profile page) the same permissions as the edit profile.

Please help me out and thank you in advance
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