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Hello ! 

I need some help with my Joomla! application. I recently decided to start using SEBLOD. I want my users to be able to search for other users throught a search form. I created a new menu link. I chose SEBLOD list&search option and then I chose to search for users. On the frontend, i get a no result answer. 

Furthermore, SEBLOD seems to have a few bugs. My backend "create user" form has changed, it is un organized and almost impossible to complete. Sometimes the application sends me an error saying that the template was not found and some other times it works. I had to uninstall and reinstall SEBLOD a few times, getting different errors each time. 

My main concern is to add the user list to my frontend. Can anyone help me? If you need more information let me know on the forum and I will answer right away.  I would also like to know if you guys are getting the same errors with SEBLOD. Maybe there is something that I do not understand...

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Welcome to SEBLOD.

You are getting "no result" because you need to create some users using SEBLOD first. The Super User you created your site with does not count, because it was created with the core Joomla! form, and not the SEBLOD one. Try going to the user manager, click "new" and click "user" in the modal popup, then try to add some users.

Regarding the "bugs" you referred to. I think this is specific in your case, because this is not a widely reported issue, nor is it a problem on my sites. I think you need to start with a fresh installation, as it's not advisable to uninstall SEBLOD and re-install it multiple times like you have. This may cause some things to break and it will be hard to debug exactly what the cause of your issue is.

Often you get the "template not found" error when you have gone in to a SEBLOD element (Form, List & search type) and toggled between the views too quickly, so that the view was not able to fully load. Simply go back in to your view, allow it to load, then click Save and it should resolve the issue.

Finally, I think you should check out some of our extensive manuals on achieving what you are trying to do.



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