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Hi all!

Can anyone clarify, how to use live values in SEBLOD, please?
Especially how to use the 'Live' select box.

Best regards,

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Level 1

is simple!
Values ​​Live, In standard SEBLOD u can get
Some data of what is happening at that moment!
We User> You take values ​​that the user is doing something in some form!
Choose User> configure> Construction> user> current (default)
Property you can take a user data eg ID, user name!
But only the user that this stirring in form at the moment!
URL> Grab a given URL that moment, in the event of system reviews, or other, u can take a String (URL)
a number.
In property u can set either ID, category or other data!
Sorry my English!
I hope you understand!


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