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I'm trying to solve this problem, but I'm stuck. Can someone pls give me the correct way.

I'm designing an app based on the tutorials from James Morell (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKlMPUVqiJBo1R0pbn8k7Bw).

In the first layer of my website I have a form that enters all my students/children on my school. In this form there is a simple select where I can enter the class the student is in. Based on the tutorial I now have a working search page where I can select a class to see all the students that are in the class or I can search by name. After seaching I can click on there name or photo and I'm linked to the page of that student.

In the second layer their is a behavior form that teachers can fill in about a student. This can be something individual or something about several children involving. The form works and we can enter behavior forms about the children.

Now the problem...
When we search for a kid and open his page we see the information about this kid and under that we want to view all the behavior articles where the kid is involved in or is linked to. So one page with the kids info + all the behavior articles that are linked to the kid.
We currently build it with
1) a List & Search type where we added a "behavior form (Joomla! article)" in the mainbody and set the live to "Variable" and configured it to type "Int" and Variable "id".
2) Than we made a SEBLOD - List module that we linked to that search type.
3) In the children form we also added this module to the content view to show the list.

Result: We see the module (title) in the students form, but no behavior forms/articles are shown under that.

When we change de variable to something else than "id", we see a list of all the behavior articles, but not only the ones of that kid.

Somebody knows a good tip how to only show the behavior forms/articles where a kid is linked to on the page of that kid? 

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