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I understand
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11 months ago


I have a question regarding the multi-language aliases feature, I never found any guide or tutorial for this (except similar unanswered topics in this forum )

I understand that multi-language aliases are configured in related Search Type configuration. But how can I create them?

I have a Title and Alias field for each language. I would like to be able to automatically generate other language aliases from other language titles.

Can I achieve that simply with SEBLOD or do I need a custom script in Before Store Plugin. Could you provide a code (or a method that converts a string to an alias format)?

Many Thanks for Help


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175 Posts
11 months ago
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If anybody needs to solve this...

I am currently using Before Store plugin and joomla function:

$alias = JFilterOutput::stringURLSafe(trim($your_language_title));

I also manually check if the language alias is unique in the database (I added a index to language aliases db columns), if not I am adding a suffix number.

It works ok, but I don't know if I am not duplicating some existing SEBLOD functionality.

Any comment from Seblod developers is appreciated.



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