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Hi everybody, I have read that tutorial about " Changing the Joomla message after a submission of a SEBLOD form"  and decided to try it.

Si I did an "Afterstore" field where I wrote this code :

<?php /**
* @editorPAO Production - www.paoproduction.com
* @license GNU General Public License version 2 or later; see _LICENSE.php
defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die; ?>

$config['message'] = 'Merci '.$fields['fm_telech_brochure_prenom']->value.' '.$fields['fm_telech_brochure_nom']->value.' pour votre confiance,<br />';
$config['message'] .= 'Vous pouvez sdf '.$fields['fm_telech_brochure_nom']->value.;
$config['message_style'] = 'message';

But the only think displayed is an error message :

" 0 syntax error, unexpected ';' "

I probably missed something in the tuto, but i can't find what. Any idea ?

Thanks in advance...

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Your syntax is wrong, in php . means concenation so you are trying to concenate  $fields['fm_telech_brochure_nom']->value and ; here (jsut before the end).

 $config['message'] .= 'Vous pouvez sdf '.$fields['fm_telech_brochure_nom']->value.; 

Also first and second line (starting with $config..) don't look right, you basically have empty string concentated between.

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3 years ago
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Hi Klas, and thanks for your answer...

I have actually just copied the code from the tuto mentionned above and modified it with my fields and my text. I maybe miss something : something is implied in this tutorial that I do not know?

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