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7 months ago

I am developing an application in Joomla/Seblod.  I will require to keep developing (i.e. bug fix/updating/new functionality/upgrading) the application after it is live.  Each client will use a unique Joomla/Seblod instance - under my control.  

I have deliberately developed the application using core Joomla and highly rated components (including Seblod) to try to keep the installations as vanilla as possible.  Core Joomla and the other components can be updated using Joomla itself; this would include the Seblod core.  However, the parts of the applications developed (bug fixed, upgraded, new) using Seblod cannot be updated across the client instances.  The requirement is to do this without affecting client data created using the Seblod-based application or having to go in and update each client instance individually.  Is there a mechanism (in the Seblod bit) by which I can update a master copy and then roll that out to all of the client copies without affecting their data?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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7 months ago
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This is a complex question - which part of Seblod do your changes refer to? If you are talking abut code part like plugins you can simply export each plugin in it's settings, than install it on client servers or e.g. for teaplates overwrite the template.
. If we are talking about Sebod apps that basically exist mainly in the database, there is an option to export / import an app, but this only works one time, once an app is already installed, new version will only add fields that you newly created to the fields list, but content types will remain unchanged and you will need to replicate any changes for each client.

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7 months ago
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I will try and explain better.  I will have a master copy of my application which is a combination of Joomla 3.9.4, Seblod 3.1.17 and three other extensions.  To deploy a new client is simple - I create an Akeeba back up and restore a new instance.  

There are likely to be around 80 instances, all different clients, each with their own subdomain.  There are two scenarios:

a) If Seblod updates to say 3.2.1, will the Joomla update service ensure that each instance updates to the latest version of Seblod (including any plugins - the one I am implementing is select dynamic cascade);

b) New functionality, with:

i) No new Seblod plugins, but creating new content type/list and several new fields;

ii) New content, type/list plus the deployment of a new plugin which was bought and used in the new content type.

My understanding of what you are saying is:

a) Yes, it will update or worst case I need to spend a couple of hours manually updating each instance;

b) i) Manually export/import into each instance from the master version;

b) ii) I couldn't work this one out.

Am I on the right tracks?


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