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We have now successfully migrated Seblod with a mutidomain management of 21 subsites.
The only problem we still have is that the first time a subpage is visited, the page needs to be refreshed for the login to be completed. Once this has been done, all pages work perfectly.

In the version with Joomla 3, this was not necessary, but the login took place without reloading the page.

What other settings need to be made so that the login of the various guests takes place in the background?

Example page old: https://www.sportkreis-reutlingen.de/willkommen-im-sportkreis-reutlingen

Example page new: http://reutlingen-brainwarp.de.dedi4352.your-server.de/willkommen-im-sportkreis-reutlingen

We have now set the Cookie Consent Manager so that it opens with every new session, as the page is reloaded when one of the buttons is clicked. But that can't be the solution.

When you call up the new page, you see an empty page behind the Consent Manager; if you click on one of the buttons, the content is loaded first.


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