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3 years ago

Hello, I need help to setup the exporter module in front end view. I try and it very difficult. I get a blank csv when import front end but when tried in back end it work.

See. link https://swappy.app/inventaire/ligne-inventaite/article-manager.html

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3 years ago
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Hi, there are two good articles about the usage and installation of the exporter:

1) https://www.seblod.com/resources/tutorials/use-exporter-on-frontend-add-export-button-to-list

2) https://www.seblod.com/resources/extensions/add-ons/seblod-exporter

and an forum article https://ads.seblod.com/community/forums/fields-plug-ins/exporter-add-on => see last entry about /tmp setting.

Are the rights for the fields set properly? Does it work if you are logged in as admin in the frontend?

Hope the inputs make it work for you.

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