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Hi Everyone,

It's about few months that I registered to join the Seblod community but till now, I did not used Seblod since I was afraid by the lack of documentation of how to use it properly since I am a complete newbie to Seblod.

However, after trying all the other CCK available for Joomla 3.1, I realized that none of them could full-fill all our requirements and after reviewing Seblod features and some video tutorials available online, I realized that it was the only solution for us to build our website.

Now, we are on the development process and we are following some of these video tutorial to get used to Seblod features and we came across some questions along the way and we sincerely hope that we'll get some guidelines about how to proceed from the community forum.

First, some information about our website, its a golf community portal, powered mainly by Seblod for:

  1. Advertiser (Author) Directory
  2. Golf Course Directory
  3. Golf Resort Directory
  4. Job Listing
  5. Investment Opportunities (A real estate classifieds area where advertisers "authors" will be able to submit golf related properties and projects for sale).
  6. Event Listing
So, these are the main sections that we'll be 'trying' to use Seblod to create and we need some additional information, even some links where we can access such information.
Extension Used:
  • Seblod - For all above mention sections and categories.
  • Community Builder - For community features such as link, media sharing, friendship etc.
  • Uddeim - Message system between users.
  • Komento - Commenting system.
  • Acymailing - Newsletter system.
  • HWDMediaShare - Photos & Videos sharing.
  • Payplans - Membership & Subscriptions
  • Virtual Domains - We would like to give to each advertiser (author) their own page (sub-domain) such as http://advertiser.ourdomain.com or even http://www.advertiser.com and the home page of this domain will be the author page generated from Seblod, Virtual Domains has some very good parameter settings that generate pages from the SQL database, we just need to add the corresponding SQL field in the parameter section and then add the author page ID for each new user and virtual domains handle all other stuffs.
Our Main Questions:
  • How to use Joomla default content plugin with Seblod? Is there a tutorial or documentation about it please?
  • Is there any way to integrate Uddeim with Seblod so that users can contact authors through Uddeim message system?
  • Acymailing has a default plugin to embed articles in newsletters, I found this topic for Seblod 2.0 http://www.seblod.com/support/forum/105-General-Discussions/24815-AcyMailing-and-Seblod-2.html where no proper solution was found but is there any new/updated solution to have Seblod articles in Acymailing?
  • Is there any tutorial or documentation of how to create an even listing (calendar layout) with Seblod?
These are our main questions to get started, sorry if I was too long but prefer to get everything cleared so that we can  get started straight away as we do not have too much time to complete our website, hope you guys will give us a good help to get started with Seblod and complete our project, thanks in advance.

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11 years ago
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You are presenting too much inform for a forum. You're post sets the scope of your project and only a saint would dive in. Specific questions are much better. If you're trying to hire someone, then there's another place for that.

My suggestion is to search YouTube for Seblod Tutorials. James Morrell did some nice ones. I highly recommend building along as you pause the videos. You learn a lot by practicing.  Each of your questions is post on it's own... otherwise it's way too much to wade through later and does not help others who are also solving specific building block type questions.

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Hi cubist,

Guess you are right, thanks for the info, after adding this topic, I started to turn around Seblod and seek for more tutorials and videos, in fact, all my questions above are answered somewhere, I just need to dig in and locate the resources, if I encounter any trouble, then, came back here with specific questions to specific topic.

Thanks for the guidelines, though I was a bit afraid to start with Seblod, that's why I asked too much question but now, it starts to be much clearer for me and hope to be able to achieve what we are trying to do.

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Seblod was a challenge for me, but I knew I wanted more control of what data went and how it was output. I am more of com-poser or architect than a programmer. I know enough to be dangerous. To broadly answer your questions, I think Seblod and other programs can do 95% of what you are asking... out the box. Sometimes, that last 5-10% is worth paying for.

In any case, your specific questions are great. I did post a link to a CCK Comparison. It may help you decide the best course for your project. Happy ventures!

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Hi Tomy,

On your project we will use certainly only Joomla + SEBLOD.

The only question is about domain name topic. Not sure that SEBLOD multisite is a solution.

For all other features only SEBLOD.

You don't imagine how it's more easy to maintain the site and how it's more easy to fill any content with unifying interface.

The Map template will be published tomorrow on the market and the Event template certainly next week.

Be free to contact us by octopoos.com


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