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I have a content type "events" in a multi-site project. Users have the rights to enter events in the category of their part of the site.

I have a list-type "events" that shows these events. Now i want to filter the output of this list/search type by category id.

In the menu-item i choosed "SEBLOD List & Search" and tried the advanced options "Live and variation". For this i put a Category id field in the search construction and entered the id in the advanced options of my menu item.

But it doesnt work. I always get "There is no result" message. If i remove the advanced option in menu item, all events show from multible categories. Entering category in search form i get no-results.

Can somebody give me help by configuring the search type/menu item please?

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How did you create your list? Did you use a template or did you create it from scratch?

Do you have a link to your site to show us what you're talking about?

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