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I installed T4 framework template in my site Joomla 3.9.16 / Seblod 3.18.2 and I have a Big issue !

Menu items seblod list ou seblod form do not appear and in pages with seblod form, the template is not displaying....

Is it a solution ??!!

Thanks !!

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I have exactly the same problem. Only with Seblod and T4 template. Not sure if it's a Seblod or T4 issue.

I have written on the Joomlart forum and the developer wants to log into a live site to see the issue and try to sove it, but I am on localhost. If you are working on a site accessible from the internet, you may want to allow the T4 developer access to your site so they can check it.

You can find my forum post here: T4 template and Seblod

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The moderator Joomlart T4 found a solution and it works  : the developer updated this file: html/layouts/t4/edit.php

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