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2 years ago

Hi guys, 
may be I'm missing something, so, let me recapitulate to reorder the ideas:

Joomla + Seblod = I can add a User Form & Content to manage new user profile fields

If I enable the CCK Storage Location - Joomla! User Object Plug-in for SEBLOD when a user is registered/edited a "Profile Article" is also created. This give us the ability to manage "Custom Profile URLs" for example.

Profile Menu Item - as far as I know to create a Profile Menu Item, without or with Seblod Bridge enabled, we should always to use a Seblod List & Search Menu Item, Am I right ? Or without bridge we should to use the standard Joomla User Profile Menu Item ? 

Where, without the Bridge enabled and with "Joomla Global Configuration > Site > SEO Settings > Search Engine Firendly URLs" set to "no", the Profile Joomla URL from: index.php?option=com_users&view=profile&Itemid=111
Is transformed into: index.php?option=com_cck&view=list&search=users&task=search&Itemid=111
Am I right ?

@Klaus: why here https://www.seblod.com/community/forums/lists-search-types/how-could-i-display-users-list-in-front-end you write that "Listing users using seblod will only work if you have bridge mode activated" - What do you mean exactly ?

Seblod > Options > Joomla! User > Registration Menu Item
Seblod > Options > Joomla! User > Profile Menu Item
I made some tests but I'm not been able to understand, seem that nothing change. Please, What are exactly ? What is their job ? When they are a must and when not ?

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