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Hi friends,

I have to create a "quiz maker" where the site admin will be able to create multiple new quizzes (simple forms) and the site visitors/ registered users can participate in the quiz.

Can anyone give me any idea how to achieve this? or does anyone have this kind of app.

Best Regards!

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Creating the quiz would be pretty standard ie

groupx with 

a) question and

b) the correct answer

but I would prefer to have a form with say 20 questions max and create fields for each.

If the user views the quiz and answers online submitting a form....

I would probably create a content type called “quiz_user_answers” and using url live value, get the quiz id... and with that get the quiz questions, and still using beforerender render form fields with each form field preceeded by the question.... kinda makes sense to me :)


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Hello Bucklash,

Thanks for your reply!

Actually I need to give the site admin a form where he must be able to create multiple quizzes.

so, I can create a form with fields:

1. Quiz name (like : History)

2. Question1

- Options A, B, C, D

- Correct Answer

and so on.. other questions.

When the admin submits this form, the data must create another form with the above submitted data to be shown to the users. ( how to do it )

How to convert a content view to a form which can also be submitted.

Sorry for my less understanding of this system, but I have been using seblod for a long period of time and always have got that it has the possibilities...

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Actually, thinking about it, Inwouldn’t have a clue,.. tricky, sorry

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Hi! Perhaps setting up something like this: 

For each quiz name its a category - so the admin would create the category. 

Each question would be an article in that category - defined by a question content type. 

You might have to define different types of articles depending on the question type (true/false or multiple choice). Or maybe using a simple select (true/false) or multiple choices. 

Displaying the quiz would be a search type to display the articles in the quiz category. 

But now the tricky part is having the controls on article unless there is a module or some java script. 

There is something similar in the Front End Managers... In your case, you would need the buttons to change based on the content type - only show 2 for true/false, 4 for multiple choice... Unless there is a way to display a simple select in the list. 

In the search type list, there is a JGrid option in the Typography and one of the options is form - not sure if something could be done with that. But there is also a check box. So maybe it would make sense to have check boxes - and each column is the answer column. 

I think you would need to be a java script which queries the question id and the selected answers. 

Then below the quiz a module submission form which submits the questions and answers in a text format... 

Maybe its a possibility???

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