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2 years ago

Using RaF technology (https://demo.seblod.com/core/resource-as-fragment) and Flex template (Helix3). 

The functionality of the buttons for navigating to the next and previous materials disappears. In this case, the "close modal" button works. 

I suppose that the reason is that bootstrap 3.7.2 is included in the template, while in Seblod it "apparently" works with bootstrap 2 by default 

* Bootstrap.js by @fat & @mdo  Custom version for Joomla!

If this bootstrap use in tenplate? al work fine/

But unfortunately me needed bootstrap 3

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2 years ago
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I hope for help: in which direction to look for a solution? Template change and departure to bootstrap 2.x not desirable

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1 year ago
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I still expect the opinion of the community on the problem. Alas, I have not yet found the right solution. It will probably not be superfluous to say that I did not read a little holy war on the topic "bootstrap shown not fired" but all the recommendations are either from the field of shamanism with timing or for "another," not like the seblod initialization of the window modal.

I also tested the hypothesis that if my html does not have time to pull up through ajax but alas everything is fine there, here is a screenshot I think it's okay, right?

As a result, I decided to apply a VERY NOT BEAUTIFUL solution. But I have to do it:) I like it RaF but it does not work with bootstrap3 +: (and alas there are no clues. here is my decision:

in ccklib 

add solver 'shown' in solver 'show'. 

it's still working, but I don't understand the consequences this decision could have. and I really don't want to freeze ccklib

s.modal.on("show show.bs.modal", function (e) { e.stopPropagation(), $("html").css("overflow", "hidden"), s.callbacks.show(e), s.callbacks.shown(e); }),

in line 60

I would be grateful to the community or the descended creators for the comment

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