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I can get the table "‪#‎cck_store_item_content‬" fields, through the function $cck->get("field_name").

Now I was searching here and in manuals and didn't find anything similar to function $cck->get("field_name") to retrieve fields from "#content", that is a Joomla native table.

I can retrieve these fields with "$db = JFactory::getDbo();", but this issue stay in my mind. There is anyway more simple using Seblod functions thus open a connexion with db and create an array?

Thanks guys.

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5 years ago
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Solved. Very easy. My mistake was that I had not inserted the field of #content table in my view. We can retrieve all bd fields if these fields was inserted in the view through administrative panel.

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5 years ago
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Hi Rafael

I am a learner of Seblod and it would be great if you could provide a few screenshots to clarify what you mean.

Hope you can find the time to do it.

Thanks in advance


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