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When I started Joomla was still called Mambo. At that time it was quite easy to modify the code to get the desired result; the examples were freely available. That changed with time. Joomla became more and more complicated and the extensions more and more commercial. Seblod was a breath of fresh air. With that you could make what you wanted if you were willing to spend a lot of time searching and studying. I only used the forum to search existing posts.
With Joomla 4 it's all done with freedom and joy. Seblod has collapsed and the owners of Joomla-Seblod websites have nowhere to go. At least that's how it seems.
Until I came across Processwire after a lot of searching.
It takes time to understand the structure and to get used to the simplicity, but it is easy to do with the different profiles.
Yes, Seblod is dead and so is Joomla for me.
I've been thinking about posting on the Seblod forum about Processwire. Something stopped me: many users means many hackers.
And yet..... this message also goes to the forum of Seblod.

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Bonjour Jan,

Ta remarque est pertinente et il existe d'autres discussions dans ce forum avec les mêmes constats.
Je crois encore au père Noël, et espère que en ce début d'année, l'équipe Octopoos va nous offrir une belle documentation avec la version Seblod!4.

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Le Père Noël n'est pas passé. 

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