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I understand
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4 years ago


I've got a problem! I think after the joomla update from 3.3.1 to 3.4.1 it appeared that SEBLOD is not working anymore. When i open a seblod article i the seblod interface is not appearing instead its just the standard joomla standard-editor. Inside this i can see content and fieldnames like




How can i fix this problem? Thanks for your help!

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4 years ago
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Hi there,

Please download SEBLOD 3.5.1 from the home page of and install it to update your SEBLOD version. That will resolve the issue.

Also, please in future try to give a bit more of a descriptive title to your post rather than just "SEBLOD not working". Something like "SEBLOD articles not showing after Joomla Update" is more appropriate and helpful.



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4 years ago
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It looks like the seblod 3.5.1 fix the problem for everybody, however, in my case, I’vé still got a lot of issue since the joomla update (could not avoid the update).

Could it be possible to get some help please ? 

Many thanks.

15 Posts
4 years ago
Level 2

Thanks for your help! That solved the problem. Sorry for that bad title...

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