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Built tag system with SEBLOD by nithinp89 (thank you) advice here 

From Part1 didn't got an idea, Part 2 is really mandatory? If yes, then it seems that I need zillion search menu points:( as I have several different tagging fields (travel_country, travel_type, etc)

I got working Part 3 partially. 

For Part 3 I have problem as in Admin it is countries table and with getValue these are country codes, not names. But I need names and translated by language, if it is getValue then it is country code like: UK, US.

The same with travel type, but at least there is travel type name in EN. If I use renderField, then it makes everything broken with css.

travel_country field is select-Dynamic made the same way as for SEBLOD Joomla user, only for me it is multiselect. Languages are working fine with renderField. By the way, there is related question in this topic.

travel_type is Select-Multiple.

And multilanguage. By the way, could someone show multilanguage SEBLOD page and tell how this is built?

And NO, I will not use for this case Joomla tag system :) . Let's call these as several type multicategories and I would like to have on these links with search/filtering.

Thanks in advance


This one is made with custom templates and I am using 'meta keywords' field to store tags.

Part 1: Creating a search type
-> In CCK field add all of your content type name to be search
-> Add your tag field to search form and in read only mode
-> Set live value as url->var(string) -> t (This 't' represent the string where we pass the tag, to shorten the url i used as 't' but you may choose ur own)

Part 2: Create a menu to link this search & list (eg: sitename.com/tags)
-> Should Enable 'Search? (on 1st load)'

Part 3: Getting Tags & Creating Custom Link - Little Codes
-> Depends on your field get your tags to array. Below one is for 'meta keywords' field where tags stored with comma separated.

 <?php <br>//Get Tags<br>$metaKey = $cck->getValue('property_meta_key');<br>$tags = explode(",", $metaKey);<br>?>

-> Create links (Here i am looking for another way to return url instead of adding manually, but couldn't find a way for it! no way, but not an issue..)
	<?php <br>		foreach ($tags as $tag) {<br>			echo '<span class="tags-links"> <a class="tag-link" href="'. Juri::base(TRUE).'/index.php/tags?t='.trim($tag).'">'. $tag. '</a> </span>';<br>				}<br>	?>

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Hi all

Does anyone has an idea? Any?


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Hello krkr

I also would like to know about this as I'm experiencing same problem.

As for the country field, I open the field and change the Options Value from "code2" to "name_en". I then use "<?php echo $cck->get( 'field_country' )->value; ?>" to call the field in my template. It displays the full country name in English (like United States or South Africa). I'm not sure if you want the country in different language/s.


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