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Olek T.
7 years ago

Hi, I'm struggling with creating featured articles blog, which would behave like the Joomla native one. Let me explain. First I created few 'Search Types' for each category (category blogs). Then created menu items for each 'Search Type' (category). So far so good. Then I tried to create "Search Type" which would show me all the articles marked as featured from different categories. Easy one, right? But then things started to look ugly. When I click any featured article's title (which is linked to 'Content > View'), it opens within 'featured articles Search Type' instead of 'Search Type' of category that the article belongs to. 

I'll give you an example to make it clearer. Imagine such menu: 

-Home page [featured articles blog] 

-Categories [Separator] 

--Category1 [category blog] 

--Category2 [category blog] 

--Category3 [category blog] 

When I click on article title in the Category1 blog, the article opens in 'domain-name/categories/category1/article'. But when I click its name in featured blog, which happens to be my home page, the same article opens in 'domain-name/article' instead of 'domain-name/categories/category1/article'. 

In other words - whenever I click on featured article's title, I want it to open under proper manu position. 

What am I doing wrong? For sure I messed something up with featured articles' 'Search Type', but I have no idea where's the problem. 


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7 years ago
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This might or might not help...

What have you altered in the 'Content -> View' config area?


If I create categories like this:

- Blog-1
- Blog-2
- Blog-3<br>


And create articles

1st Article in Blog 1
2nd Article in Blog 1
3rd Article in Blog 1
1st Article in Blog 2
2nd Article in Blog 2
3rd Article in Blog 2
1st Article in Blog 3
2nd Article in Blog 3
3rd Article in Blog 3


And feature them, I see them on my home page (Joomla!s default featured articles page), and the links work fine...

SEF Urls: Inherited
Menu Item: Inherited


If I create a Seblod List Menu Item, and make it a list of featured articles then the articles go to 


If I change in 'Content -> View" SEF URL to "Use Native" then the link is


Which is good...


So you need to play around with that


Also, have you disabled all cache in case that is effecting it?


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Olek T.
7 years ago
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Thank you Bucklash, your words of wisdom were very useful. It seems I solved the puzzle... kinda. 

Here's what I did: 

1) I turned on the hidden new Joomla native SEF that gets rid of IDs in URL (and no - it won't get disabled with future Joomla updates - at least I've read so) 

2) Set in SEBLOD settings SEF to Joomla native 

3) changed a bit hierarchy of article categories, so they reflect manu item hierarchy. So for menu 

Home page
Some menu item [Separator]
--Category1 [SEBLOD Search]
--Category2 [SEBLOD Search]
--Category3 [SEBLOD Search]

I created empty category 'Some menu item' and added categories 1-3 as subcategories 

4) Set home page to Joomla native featured articles blog (thanks, Bucklash), which now redirects all the featured articles right where they belong. 

The only minus here is I wanted to fully stick to SEBLOD mechanisms, avoiding Joomla native components. As for 'Content > View', in case of 'featured articles blog' search type I didn't change anything - all the settings were set to default (SEF URLs - Inherited, Menu Item - Inherited). 

Well, it's a workaround, but it works like I wanted it to, so... mission accomplished.

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7 years ago
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Yeah, I think yo have to use some of Joomla' menu for the routing and sef url's. Not sure, confuses the hell out of me :)

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