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I understand
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8 months ago

Hello everybody

This is a kind request to help me to urgently solve a strange Joomla/Seblod SEF URL issue. Google console started to report weird URLs that should NOT exist.

The the second number in the URL is the article ID and the first number can be replaced by any text and URL still works and shows the article!!! That is crazy...

The website is built with the latest Joomla/ SEBLOD and no other extensions. I have no idea how to fix this but I have to do it quickly :(.

Many thanks for possible help.


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8 months ago
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For first issue: Google only finds urls, it does not create them, so this urls must be linked somewhere. Sometimes lists especially in module or lsit field produce wrong urls if thy are not setup with itemid target.

Second behavior is a setting in a search type, you can limit urls to be accessible only trough certain content types (set Allowed Content Type(s) in List -> Configuration-> SEO)

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8 months ago
Level 2

Thanks, Klas. Sure, the urls must be linked somewhere.

But my SEF URL problem is somewhere else. Can you please quickly comment.

In List -> Configuration-> SEO you can limit Content Types for specific list links. But I have a reversed issue. Google found URLs with menu item aliases that do not exist on my website. So I have no idea where the links are. Besides, I realized that item aliases can be replaced by any text and the links still work.

Please look at the example on SEBLOD demo page

The links in this example look are the following:

But “routing-with-id” can be replaced by any text and link still works

I guess this is not ok.

What do you think?



8 months ago
Level 3

Hi Michal,

But “routing-with-id” can be replaced by any text and link still works

That is quite strange. I'm gonna have a quick look and will let you know my findings (I would guess for a Joomla! issue though as this one doesn't seem driven by a List)


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8 months ago
Level 4

Thanks, Saba!

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