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2 years ago

Hey guys,

I'd like to add drag + drop functionality to an existing project as described here https://www.seblod.com/resources/tutorials/adding-drag-and-drop-ordering-functionality-to-your-front-end-managers . 

It doesn't work. Maybe because site is some years old like Saba says here https://www.seblod.com/community/forums/general-discussions/reorder-by-drag-and-drop-how , even though it's the latest SEBLOD version.

The project has > 10.000 articles and some hundred fields, I can not rebuild it. How can I "overinstall" SEBLOD to get latest features?



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2 years ago
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Hello deralex,

the functionnality "Drag & Drop" is working well on old website if you have the latest version of SEBLOD.  

The only thing is that you have to construct the feature as it is describe in this tutorial on your existing Search type with Table template.

Saba simply said that if you are not sure on what you have done, you can take exemple on a fresh install of Joomla! / SEBLOD, because you will find here an functionnal exemple in 2 pre-maid search types:  

  • Article Manager
  • Category Manager


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