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2 years ago

Good morning. I am following a traditional model of having three versions of my site: development, testing and live. There is no live site at present as the application has not yet been opened to customers.

Much work has been done of the DEV site and a copy of V1 of the app is on TEST. I have just completed V2 on DEV and exported it ready to install it on TEST so that we could do testing work. When I install the V2 and try to open either the Content Type or List and Search I receive an error message

"Oops! Try to close the page and reopen it properly".

Searching the forums the only entry I can see is one from Bugrat 4 years ago relating to a Seblod update (not an App update) (


Somewhere in Seblod documentation, it states that you use "Extensions\Manage\Install" in Joomla to install Apps you have developed. With other types of Joomla add-in, if the method in the extension tag of the XML file is set to upgrade, then one should be able to upgrade without issue. I have checked the XML file of my App and it is set correctly. Clearly it does not work this case or am I missing something. If I am not missing anything, how are developers expected to keep developing their product if you have to make the updates on a live site; I must have missed something.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. JT

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