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I understand
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5 years ago

Hi devs and community. 

Thank you for a new, long-awaited release.

I have a question relative to the use of free object and delete functionality. I have tested several different configurations of fields storage format and objects.

1. Free object + fields with free storage format. 

In this case we are able to delete items with all rows in tables of database . Great, cool. Hip hip hooray!

2. Free object + fields with free storage format but with different tables. 

In this case seblod can't work with several different tables in one content type. Data will be written just in one table. For example if i want to build custom tabs application i need to write tag id, title etc. in one table and article id, tag id to other table for creating tags map ( like #_contentitem_tag_map table). It is just for example. Of course real application will be more complicated. 

Is there some bug or its feature?

3. Articles object + some fields with free storage format. 

In this case we are able to delete items, all rows from #__content table will be deleted, but rows in custom tables will be not deleted. It seems to me that this functionality is already in seblod.(i mean deletion of data from other, non standard tables related to some content type #__store_form_some_content_type ) So Is there some bug or its feature?

Object free is one of most powerfull feature of seblod. And this bugs/features are brings some limitations in opportunities.

Wait for some words from devs and community.

Best regards. Jeka.

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5 years ago
Level 1

Hi Jeka,

thank for your feedback on the new release.

in 99,9% of cases the Free Object and Free storage don't need to be used. We only use it for some very specific case in webservice or in search type to create fields alias, so possibly it stay some disfunctionnement.

We will check that.



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5 years ago
Level 1

Hi Jeka and Lionel,

So we can give this tracker's issue solved? I still not tested this "new functionality" but I'm happy to know the point 1 Works!

Regarding what Lionel says, I think isn't the 99,9% of cases, I would say the 70% at most (IMHO :)

Thank you for all.

Kind regards.

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5 years ago
Level 2

Hi Root and Lionel,

Lionel, I have specific task and the best way to implement them is to use object free content type with several different tables.

It will be great to hear more about point 2. Because this functionality is already in seblod core. I mean deletion of data from several tables. For exmaple from #__com_content and #__store_from_some_content type.

Root, agree with you about 70% and i think your problem is solved now. It will be great if you can make some additional test and post your result in this forum thread.


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4 years ago
Level 3

Hello friends,

My tests has produced the following results:

1. Free object + fields with free storage format.

As Jeka said, this works. Thank you very much.

2. Free object + fields with free storage format but with different tables.

If your free object (content type) uses only one table for storing data (example: #__content_something), it works (I think this is the same as point 1 :)

But as Jeka said, if you use several tables for storing data of your content type, this doesn't work.

3. Articles object + some fields with free storage format.

If you have an item based on a Joomla article, called cars for example, and you have other table for the extra fields (that's storing the car properties apart from #__content), then only will be deleted the #__content row and the #__cck_core row.

It will be necessary to delete also the other storage table rows in order to make this big improvement something effective.
For the moment, all the extra tables will become orphans (no foreign keys related) and very difficult to delete it by hand after the content items have been deleted (emptied recycle bin).

So my advice is this: Do not empty the recycle bin when you have joomla articles in other tables different than #__content nor with free storage and more than one table for stored items.

The difference with the previous versions and also good news are that if you have image fields on that content type, the images and folder will be deleted. Or for example you have some "related article" field, the related article rows on #__cck_store_join_content_type_id will be also deleted.
That's good, but not enough.

Just one more observation:

Storing items as free objects is more "secure" than storing as article objects. This is because there are several ways to display a list of articles in Joomla (by its category).

Thank you.
Best regards.

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