8 years ago

Hello, i am new to the seblod platform and was wondering if anyone can help me with how to create a search page with a number of parameters that a user can choose either one or even two or possible all of the parameters to search for a particular record.

I have an image attached to show what exactly i want to achieve.

Thanks alot

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8 years ago
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Hi mercesdes

This is a basic answer, not in depth.

First you need to have the fields available in your content type (presumably of object type 'Article').

Then create a List and Search type, you will have options...

"What kind of items are you searching for?" - Select the above content type

"How do you want to display these items?" - Select Blog if using the Item View, or List if using the List View (and it depends upon templates available, too)

For the Search type's Views:

Search Form is where you want to add the fields matching your image.

Ordering is where you can add the field that will sort the data.

List / Item have the fields you wish to display in the search results. If Item View is not available, save the search form, and afterwards you should have Item available.

Then create a Menu item SEBLOD -> List and select the Search Form

If that helps, cool. Not sure if you have already done that or are wanting more advanced or specific things

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