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I have a website in 3 languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish). I have 3 menus for each language, and everything works. And I use JText in Seblod.

Within these 3 menus, I have a menu for a Seblod List / Search. At this moment the articles to be listed are: http://prntscr.com/kla55v (That is, I have 4 articles in Portuguese and 1 in English).

Regardless of the active language I have, when I click on the list / search menu, the articles of all languages appear (in this case 4 Portuguese + 1 in English).

How can I show articles according to the active language?

PS: I tried to put a hidden field (Article Language), set the default language, and only filter the articles with the language I selected. The question is if I do this way I have to create 3 List & Search type. Is this the right way to do it?

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You need to add article language field to the search view, than set it's live value to Url variable "lang" and it should filter by the active language. You can also set value for this field from the menu.

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Hi Klas,

Many thanks for the reply!

Through your tip I did:
- I added the "Article Language" field in the Search Form;
- I put the Field as Hidden;
- In option 2: Live: Variable & Live Value: Configure, Variable: "Lang"

And I think it's working fine!

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