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Hi everyone!

I'm creating a TC material from the front:

1. I have an error "Invalid Parent ID"

2. The material is created. Available in the admin panel like Joomla Core.

3. In the table "#_content", for my article  in field "asset_id" value "0"

4. In the table "#_assets" no records for my article

What can be done?  How to fix it?

I'm creating a TC material from the admin - it is OK

Joomla 3.7.3  SB 3.11.3

The problem occurred after the update



14/07/17 This problem is not related to Seblod. 

This is a problem with using the FaLang component

Topic can be deleted? Or save for those who also used FaLang?

17/07/17 - The problem is absent if you use php7

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Thnx for getting back to us, we will keep article for reference.

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