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I have created a list of article, each article name of the list is a link to the form 'Modify Article'.

At the top of the list I have a button to create a new article. This button call the form "create article". This form containt some fields used into "Modify article" and some other no. Some fields are specifics and so added into the table "#__cck_store_form_create_article" and into "#__cck_store_form_modify_article".

After creation of my article, this one is not into the list, because it is not linked to "Modify article" form. If I have o look to the table #__cck_core, the column cck if filled by "create article". If I update the cck column with "Modify article", the article is listed, if I click on the link, the article is displayed without specific fields.

So, how I can create the article and modify it after directly from the list. My idea is to update the table #__cck_core and also "#__cck_store_form_modify_article" with expected field by a php code called by "after update" plugin when I save the article , but I'm not sure that it is a better solution?

Is a solution exist nativly into Seblod?

Thank you in advance for your help

I hope that I have enough clear


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I'm not suggesting I can help, but I find your question unclear...

You have two separate content types:

You have a link to modify content type A,

You have a link to edit content type B

Is that right?

If a field is to be shared between content types it shoud be stored in #__cck_store_item_content....

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Hi Bucklash,

   Thank you for your answer. It's not exactly that, it is:

You have two separate content types: --> Yes

You have a link to CREATE content type A.

You have a link to edit content type B --> Yes, content type B content fields of content type A and other calculate fields. To be most clear, content type B is based on content type A and more complete with additional fields.

I will look for how use shared fields into #__cck_store_item_content....


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Okay, so a good thing to do is google parent content types, (pulsarinforamtique has forumed this)

maybe that might be interesting - I don't understand it.

But when you create a field, say another field to store in #__content.title you have to make sure it is stored where you want it to be.

I assume you know about the padlock to 'unlock' a field so that it gets stored in the generic table (#__cck_store_item_content)

Always check where field gets stored in the #__cck_core_fields

If it is not correct, change it there...


Ps You might know all this... hope you do :)

Also, in your search you can specify multiple content types

maybe this could help:


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Hi Bucklash,

  Sorry for my (very) late answer. After few tests, I have build my own tables, unlocked fields and stored into there own table. This way was the best.

Thank you, for your help


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