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4 years ago

I want to create a category blog with the current categories description on top of the list/blog.

The list/blog was ease. I just inserted a hidden field of the category id, and all content types of the list&search types are search for this id.

Then I inserted a field "category discription" in the head of the search form, and set the variation to "value". 

But now: how do I get the contents of the category description with the ID of the live value of the category ID.

Is this a search in search?

Thank you for any hints



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4 years ago
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Hi Wolfgang,

yes, like you suggest, you can add the description by using a search list based on the ID of the category.

You can put this list in the search form of your list/blog with a Field List or a Field Joomla Module.

You can also add directly a SEBLOD List module just above your list/blog.  


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