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I understand
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3 years ago

Hey there,

     Ok, very new to this here.  I'd think this is very possible, but I can't find anything anywhere to help me out.  Here's what I am trying to do...

I'm creating blog posts in a single category.  Posts can be created by multiple people.  Posts are initially, unpublished (I'm creating a custom published field for this because I can not find the Joomla published content type).  I'm creating a traditional search page and two lists.

1) a list of all published blog posts (any blog post not published, should not show up)

2) a list of each individual authors blog posts (so they can edit, publish/unpublish)

It's the conditional things that are throwing me for a loop, I can not figure out how to limit the first list to just published articles and the 2nd list to only the authors.

Does that make since, like I said, this seems like it should be simple, but I can't find any help anywhere. 

If this does not make since or if you need additional information please ask.

Thank you,


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3 years ago
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Seblod's Conditionals are not what you want (if that is what you mean by Conditional)

In your search form, you can add the field 'author id' - I think it is called that. or maybe author name.  Now, in the 'Live' area, select user, and then the id... or name, depending on what value you are checking.  anyway, that is how to restrict lists to current user...

Same with Published and unpublished articles.  

The field is 'Article State' (or Article States, can't remember right now)

For live value you can set it as publisher or unpublished. etc....

Also, to make the form more safe, so that users can NOT see unpublished, create a new field, same as 'Article State' and set defaultValue as 'whatever' ie 0.  Then place it in clear position.... this way, the value will always be used in the search query , no matter what tricky ideas the user might have. 

43 Posts
3 years ago
Level 2

Thanks, that solved my problem.


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