10 years ago

ive been using seblod for a few days now to fill a need and im impressed at the functionality straight out of the box compared to other ccks

Im not really a joomla expert but I have a specific type of search that im attempting to produce on a website and i just cant figure out how to make it work, so i thought id ask here ( last option). 

I need a custom search. where ONLY a single record is displayed if and ONLY if a combination of three input fields are entered correctly.

and an error message or notice is displayed if the wrong details are entered or if only one field is used to complete the search. 

im making a car registry application for an auto shop  that will be open to registered users only. and i need the public to have a simplistic search and limited view of their own car.  (rego plate, reference number, progress report etc) and not the other admin fields used by the business. ALSO customers shouldnt be able to view any other car randomly. 

i have been looking at different options such as creating my own PHP 'search and display' script outside of seblod and other ccks. and by judgement i believe you may or should be able to do something like this...  i just dont have the ability to nut this one out on my own. 

any helpers willing to point me in the right direction? 



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10 years ago
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wonder if this cannot be done at all...  or im just being overlooked because its my first post....  hmm...

10 years ago
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Hi nozzi,

Thank you for your post and welcome to SEBLOD forum.

I advise you to start by defining your first search type (simple search type) and read some posts here about search type in order to do your custom search.

I can say you this search is simple for SEBLOD.


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