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Is it possible to use search-order-drag-and-drop ordering in BOTH parent and child-form?

I've tried this and found that it's only possible to re-order one of them.

If I remove parent-list drag-and-drop ordering then the child-list drag-and-drop wording works fine...

When I add drag-and-drop ordering to the parent-list then the child-list (re)ordering isn't saved anymore.

Thanks in advance


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Unfortunately this is not possible, child list is rendered inside parent item and it has no data about it's environment except field values that you pass to it via fields option.

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Thanks Klas again for the prompt response and clear answer.

The problem is that it's impossible to use art_order field both in parent and child on same page I guess.

I've tried to make a separate drag-drop-redorder search-list for the parent-list. I jump to this new search-list by button-free on the parent the returning again to the parent-child-search-list (with refresh). This works fine the parents appear in a re-ordere way.... but.... the child-list won't save the ordering when I try to re-order them... 

For now it's no problem because drag-drop-reordering by art_order is not needed for the parent. I'll order the parent on date by default.

Thanks again Klas,

Case closed

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