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Oops! Fields not found.. ; (

How the HELL do I get my table's data to appear?

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When you go to Lists & Searches
Select NEW
Then make sure to select the type of items you want to list.  For example, if you created a table with "Vendor" and you want a list of all the vendor in your database. 

  • New
  • Select a table from "What kind of items are you searching for?"
  • Go to LIST Tab and add the fields you want to show up on your results.
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Hi there,

I am also getting this error. I have a form (Measurement Units) in which I capture two text fields and it's saving them to the DB correctly. However, when I create a 'table' List and add the two fields each to a column in the List View and publish the list through a module (or via direct link in the Menu), I only get this error.

Advice would be most appreciated

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