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Hi folks

PLEASE IGNORE THIS POST .... I'm making progress,  and will alter this post as needed

Any one able to help me on this:


I have a content type ['files'], which stores a value using fieldx. 

The value stored is the id of an article from category with id of 12

So far, so good.



In my search form I want to filter ['files'] based on the id stored in fieldx.

At the minute I show the list of available articles that I can select from using select dynamic: 

Table: #__content
Options Name: title
Options Value: id
Where: catid=12 // the catid of the articles available to select in the fieldx

I have tried with storage set to none, and with storage set to CUSTOM | Article | articles_fx[articles]



In my search form I am unable to get the filter applying


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Any luck with this m8?

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Follow me!

As far as I understand it, it is like this:

Create field {"name: my_field", "storage: none"}

Create fieldx {name: my_fieldx", "storage: custom|'object ie article'|my_fieldx[my_field]"}

The above fields are for your forms  

Then in your search view create a new field the same as 'my_field' but with the storage the same as 'my_fieldx'.

In your Match + Stage select exact and choose the collection ie the  fieldx

In your list or item view display the my_fieldx and apply a typo on it or do variation override to manipulate further


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The only way I found for fieldX to always work in searches is to use

  • Custom - Article - someting for fieldX and
  • Custom - Article - someting[fieldname] for child field (the one called by FIeldX).

P.S. this is not official recommendation from Octopoos, but sometimes theory and practice diverge ...

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