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I’m facing a newbie problem: I can’t manage to display a list of users.

To manage user registration, I’ve decided to create my own User content type because I would like to leave the original Seblod/Joomla! one untouched.
I’ve called this custom User content type ’Subscriber’.

My custom registration form is working well and I can list all recorded users in backend under Users menu.
I even managed to import users with the Seblod importer plugin.

Now I would like to display a list of users in the front end.
So I’ve created a List&Search type -- I’ve named it ’Subscribers’ -- based on ‘Subscriber’ content type, by choosing Seb Table template and by assigning some fields in the table columns (column A, column B…).
Finally, I’ve created a Seblod List menu item linked to ‘Subscribers’ list.

My problem is that, in the front end, my list is desperately empty (I’ve got the message saying that there is no record to display).

I don’t understand why.
Do users have to be enabled/activated to be displayed in the list (I've tried many options)?
Do I have to enable the user bridge (tried with and without)?
Do I have to manage some ACL rules (I took care to leave everything in public access level).

Some help would be really appreciated.
Thank you.


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Have you turned debug in - you can do it in template config area.

What does it say?

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Listing users using seblod will only work if you have bridge mode activated

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Hi Bucklash, Hi Klas,

Thank you for your replies.

I could finally display my users list.

It seems that my problem is related to the import process.

I will try to explain what happened for me.

Because I’ve activated the user bridge, after importing users, articles were created in Users article category.

Well in fact, in my case, for each imported user 2 articles were created with the same title eg ‘John Smith’ (but of course with 2 different alias ‘john-smith’ and ‘john-smith-2’).
Each same article contains the same cck reference - ::cck::some_ref::/cck:: - in intro field.

In my first attempt, I’ve considered that it is a small bug and I’ve decided to delete one of the same article (the 'john-smith-2').
But, by doing so, my users list remains empty.

To display the users list, I need to keep the 2 articles, even if  'john-smith' version could be unpublished or even in trashed status. But ' john-smith-2' must be published.

Strange no?
What do you think?


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