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I am searching link Joomla Tags for Intro Seblod list or something like seblod list template.

I add article tags field for "Site form" and "Content", it work nice, the tags are displayd very well, but when click in a tag it go to a list os articles from joomla I need when click on tag it go to seblod template with the "Intro" view.

Is possible display joomla list tags in a Seblod list template? my Intro Seblod view.

Thanks so much!

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Tags field is just a Seblod wrapper for joomla tags field and since it's content including links is controlled by the Joomla. Only way to get custom links I can think of is to build nested search on your content type using list plugin and some plugins (search query, search join) to modify search query to join tag tables and then link them to desired search type.

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