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Inifinite pagination is cool but has a major issue with SEO since the oldest contents are not visible for the google bots.

Standard pagination is less attractive for the users but each anchor gives an access to the oldest pages for Google

Google recommands using both and one best example is http://scrollsample.appspot.com/items?page=14

in this example you have both mechanisms.

Question : how can it be implemented with seblod lists please?



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2 years ago
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Hi Cyril

It is a nice idea. From my experience, it can not be achieved in Seblod list templates out of the box. But it is doable, I think, in a custom list template. A little problem is that Joomla pagination does not always show links to all pages if there is a greater amount of articles, so it can not be used as a javascript manipulated pagination interface.



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