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In a content type, 'Research team', I'm displaying, with a list field, a list of projects managed in a second content type, 'Project'.

I've linked each project title to its content.

There is a Joomla! menu to display the list of teams ('Teams'). And for each team a link was created to display the content and the previous field list.

For the moment I have not created any menu to display the list of projects.

For project, the url generated is as following:
teams/id-name_of_project (because I've chosen the previous 'Teams' menu link in the settings of the view link).

Is it possible to have somthing like that:
teams/id-name_of_the_team/id-name_of_project ? 

In other word, I would like to add the alias of the name of the team in the url that lead to a related project.

Of course I would like, as much as possible, to avoid to create a Joomla! menu link for each content (team and project).

Thank you

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Check options available under "SEF URL's" setting - you can find this setting in global Seblod configuration, search&list tpe configuration and in individal linkes configuration (+ sign)

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